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Little Snitch, round two »


(We already posted about Little Snitch phoning home on port 80, but this is even worse. C’mon, Objective Development team, we love Little Snitch and want it to be secure!)

“I was interested in what app was used to show the shameful HTTP-only traffic and found in one of the old posts that it was


Ladies and gentlemen, start coding.

Brian Kernighan, the first person who documented the use of the epic words “Hello, world” in a computer language, declares the first ever Coding World Championship open. Thank you, Brian!

The race is on. We wish you the best of luck in the competition! 

Privilege escalation, lateral movements and hash dumps. How to prevent a lot of attacks by smart cards and disabling NTLM.


Yet another manifestation of jw.fi.

My previous posts are archived as html on my hard drive as I had to make a semi-emergency evacuation of my previous host since TextDrive is finally pulling the plug.